From its inception, Eurosim3 had one goal on the horizon: to provide its clients with exceptionally high-quality services offered in the manufacture of highly technical tools and instrumentation. We meet our goal through keeping our facility equipped with the latest in machinery, applying the latest production techniques and ensuring continuous professional development in the skill, knowledge and competences of our workforce.


We utilize many different plastic and metalworking processes . Thanks to our expertise and experience in pressing, we can provide a great variety of products to our clients, ranging from simple, small-scale fine-detailed parts, to large and complex ones. We offer tools with single-stroke, multi-stroke or progressive systems, e.g. punching dies and sheet-bending machinery.

Injection Moulding Shop

We offer high-quality complex services in manufacturing plastic materials. We cooperate with companies in various business activities and each time we do so, we apply innovative solutions in order to achieve the best quality and to keep costs low. We have injection-moulding machines with the clamping force of 120 tons and base weight of up to 350 grams.

Welded Structures

Steel fabrications are welded in a special inert gas environment using MIG, MAG and TIG methods. All welding is performed manually and is carried out with the application of the latest type of welding equipment. We weld various metals and components for many applications, including the aerospace, automotive, engineering and construction industries. The items we produce are welded with due diligence and minute attention to detail. While dealing with demanding orders we apply stress relief annealing to remove the brittleness caused by internal stresses. This process is a requisite for precise homogeneity of welded castings and structures.

progressive die