About us


The Eurosim3 Company is a state-of-the-art CNC machining facility. We have been in the business of CNC and plastic formation since 2006, unfailingly providing the highest quality of service. All items are produced within in our extendable machine-shops, so making it possible for us to complete each customer order with the utmost care and offer our clients a bespoke, hard-wearing quality product, whilst ensuring that our prices remain competitive.

We specialize mainly in the manufacturing of highly technical components for the aerospaceautomotive, healthcare and household industries, as well as numerous others. Eurosim3 offers the production of various specialized tools such as punching and press-forming dies and galvanic instrumentation by employing techniques such as vacuum forming, injection and blow-moulding, and thermosetting polymer moulding



We make every effort to guarantee the most innovative products possible and to apply tailor-made solutions to fit the needs of clients. All the members of our team are experts in their own field. We consider the people here to be our greatest asset. We continually strive to improve individual professional competencies and to move forward together, relentlessly and consistently putting the progress of our team amongst our top priorities.


It is of fundamental importance to EUROSIM3 to meet strict quality standards at every stage of production. We can therefore pride ourselves on serving as a benchmark for others in the industry in terms of the quality of our goods and services.


Commitment to our Clients is the key to the success of EUROSIM 3. Our philosophy is to listen to and communicate with our customers on a regular basis, so as to build and maintain strong business relationships by acting promptly on their requests.


EUROSIM3 was founded in 2006 in Krosno, and is a private enterprise offering complex services ranging from 3D designs, mould-making, and the preparation of  technical specifications through to the final stage of implementation of the design into production.

It began life as a small plant which manufactured plastic components, but it was the year 2008 that saw a turning point for the company when it branched out into machining, which subsequently led to further dynamic growth. This new production potential led to a sharp increase in the range of services offered and also to the opening of new production facilities.